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Rudolf Carnap Lectures & Graduate Workshop, Bochum (Germany) & Virtual

7-8 Jun 2022

Rudolf-Carnap-Lectures & Graduate Workshop (Keynote Lecture: hybrid;  all
other presentations: in presence)
Ruhr-University Bochum, June 7 - June 8, 2022

Prof. Cecilia Heyes (Oxford): Cognitive Gadgets
It?s an honor and a pleasure to host Cecilia Heyes in Bochum as our
Rudolf-Carnap Lecturer 2022! Prof. Heyes? work concerns the evolution of
cognition. It explores the ways in which natural selection, learning,
developmental and cultural processes combine to produce the mature cognitive
abilities found in adult humans. She is especially interested in social
cognition. Most of her current projects examine the possibility that the
neurocognitive mechanisms enabling cultural inheritance - social learning,
imitation, mirror neurons, mind reading etc - are themselves products of
cultural evolution.

Cecilia Heyes will give three keynote talks (also available via online
streaming). Additionally, there will be selected talks by Stephen Butterfill
and many more.

Registration is required for participation in person; please send an email
to: Nicolas Lindner,  <mailto:nicolas.lindner@rub.de> nicolas.lindner@rub.de
The link for following the keynotes online will be available on the page of
the Center for Mind and Cognition:
https://philosophy-cognition.com/cmc/events/event/ and on the homepage of
the Carnap Lectures soon: https://philosophy-cognition.com/carnap/program/

Further information: https://philosophy-cognition.com/carnap/


Tuesday, June 7th, 2022 (Beckmannshof, on RUB campus)

09.00 ? 09.30             Welcome/Coffee

09.30 ? 10.45             Cecilia Heyes (University of Oxford):
                                         What happened to mirror neurons?

10.45 ? 11.15             Coffee Break

11.15 ? 12.00             Stephen A. Butterfill (University of Warwick)
                                         Motor mindreading

12.00 ? 12.45             Carina de Klerk (University of Essex):
                                         The role of sensorimotor experience
in the development of mimicry in infancy

12.45 ? 13.30             Tyler Sproule (University of Illinois, Chicago):
                                         An embodied critique of cognitive

13.30 ? 15.00             Lunch

15.00 ? 15.45             Antonella Tramacere (MPI for the Science of Human
History, Jena):
                                         Cognitive twists: The gene per
culture co-evolution of embodied cognition

15.45 ? 16.30             Stefano Vincini (University of Vienna):
                                         Ideomotor or ASL? Imitation and the
blink of an eye

16.30 ? 18.00             Coffee Break and Move to Lecture Hall

Public Lecture in GA 04/187:

18.00 ? 19.30             Cecilia Heyes (University of Oxford):
                                         The cultural evolution of thinking

20.00                          Dinner

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 (Beckmannshof, on RUB campus)

09.00 ? 09.30             Welcome/Coffee

09.30 ? 10.15             Julia Wolf (Ruhr-University Bochum):
                                         Situating Mindreading. The Role of
Situational Factors in Shaping Cognitive Development

10.15 ? 11.00             James Lloyd (University of Manchester):
                                         Is character trait attribution a
cognitive gadget?

11.00 ? 11.30             Coffee Break

11.30 ? 12.15             Antonio Scarafone(University of Reading):
                                         Prelinguistic communication: a
normative approach

12.15 ? 13.30             Lunch

13.30 ? 14.45             Cecilia Heyes (University of Oxford):
                                         Rethinking norm psychology

14.45                            Coffee and End

Further information:  <http://www.rub.de/philosophy/carnaplectures>
Enquiries: Nicolas Lindner,  <mailto:nicolas.lindner@rub.de>

Tobias Schlicht & Albert Newen
Institute of Philosophy II
Ruhr-University Bochum

Please note that the event will be carried out adhering to the German 2G+
rules (Status of vaccination/recovery is validated, everyone has to do a
daily quick Covid test, masks are mandatory for everyone except speakers).

In detail, the 2G+ rules are as follows:

     All participants must conform to the 2G standard. This means that
participants typically have to be fully vaccinated. This is satisfied by two
up-to-date vaccinations. A third vaccination is highly welcomed, but not
mandatory. Please carry some form of proof for this.

     All participants need to be tested each day. This can be done via
official tests around the city (verified by an official certificate), or via
our own tests on-site in front of the building. A third vaccination does not
substitute the obligation to be tested!

     FFP2-masks or surgical masks are obligatory, especially when moving
around, during close discussions, at catering tables or during commutes to
other rooms. The mask must also be worn at the seat, but the speakers can
take their masks off during their talk. Each participant receives one mask
for free at the opening of the event.

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