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FOMO: Formal Ontology of Mathematical Objects

27-28 May 2022
Konstanz, Germany

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Dates: May 27-28, 2022
Place: Konstanz (Germany)

We are pleased to announce an international conference on Formal Ontology
of Mathematical Objects. The conference will be held in person. We are
confident that by May 2022 academic activities will not be affected by the
pandemic. If you are interested to participate please send an email to
ag-horsten@uni-konstanz.de for registration. Registration fees are not


Ontological questions have always been central to the philosophy of
mathematics. Besides the standard accounts of mathematical ontology, in
recent times new paradigms have emerged, in connection with new important
mathematical breakthroughs, but also with the advent of new automated tools
for mathematical enquiries. This workshop aims to bring together scholars
who have devoted time and effort to clarify which kinds of mathematical
objects there are and what their nature consists in, and to present new
trends in the philosophical investigations of mathematical ontology.

*Invited speakers:*
- Dora Achourioti (University of Amsterdam)
- Matteo Bianchetti (Varis)
- Salvatore Florio (University of Birmingham)
- Leon Horsten (University of Konstanz)
- Beau Mount (University of Konstanz)
- Graham Priest (CUNY New York)
- Sam Roberts (University of Konstanz)
- Benjamin Schnieder (University of Hamburg)
- Peter Simons (Trinity College Dublin)

*Local organizers:*
Leon Horsten, Giorgio Venturi
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