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Leeds Computability Days 2022, Leeds (England) & Virtual, 30 May & 1 Jun 2022

Dear all,

We are pleased to announce that Leeds Computability Days 2022 will take 
place from 30 May to 1 June 2022 at the University of Leeds.

Leeds Computability Days 2022 is a hybrid meeting.  Registration is 
required (but free!) for both in person and online participants.  To 
register, please send an email to Paul Shafer 
<P.E.Shafer@leeds.ac.uk<mailto:P.E.Shafer@leeds.ac.uk>> with the following 

* Subject line LCD 2022 REGISTRATION
* Your name
* Your institution
* Whether you plan to attend Leeds Computability Days 2022 in person or online

Please see <https://www.computability.org/LCD2022/> for further information.

With best wishes,
Rod Downey,
Elvira Mayordomo,
Paul Shafer
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