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International Workshop on Logic, Philosophy and History of Medicine

6-7 Oct 2022
Sevilla, Spain

*CFP: International Workshop on Logic, Philosophy and History of Medicine*

Aula de Grados. Facultad de Filosofía, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

6-7 October 2022

Organised by the research group “Lógica, Lenguaje e Información” of the
University of Seville


*DESCRIPTION:* The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers
in philosophy, logic, history and medicine to discuss issues related to
medical reasoning, and medical practice in general, from different

Submissions related to the (non-exhaustive) following list are welcome:

-          Diagnosis

-          Prognosis

-          Therapy Planning

-          Medical Reasoning

-          Medical Epistemology

-          Medical Ethics

-          Problem of confirmation

-          Risk evaluation

-          Causality

-          Randomized Control Trials

-          Abduction

-          Mechanism

-       Ancient medicine (Ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman…)

-          Medieval Medicine

-          Renaissance Medicine

-          History of Nursing and Pharmacology

-          History of Medicine and Related Sciences

-          Philosophy of Medicine

-          Logic and Argumentation in Science


M. Dolores Ferre (U. Granada), Lorenzo Magnani (U. Pavia)  and Federica
Russo (U. Amsterdam)


We welcome submissions on any related topics for a twenty minutes talk,
followed by a ten minutes discussion.

The language of the workshop will be English.

One page submissions can be sent in Word or LaTex to the email address:

In the body of the email in which you submit the abstract, please include
author name, title and affiliation. The abstract has to be sent in a
separate and anonymized file.

*Deadline for submissions*: 30th June 2022

*Notification of acceptance*: 31st July 2022


The participants will be invited to submit their contribution for
publication in a dedicated special issue of a classified journal with peer


The research group “Lógica, Lenguaje e Información” of the University of
Seville, Spain, organizes this International Workshop on Logic, Philosophy
and History of Medicine in the context of the research project “Abducción y
Diagnóstico Médico. Interrogación e Hipótesis en la Causalidad Científica”
(US-1381050 / Proyectos de I+D+i del Programa Operativo FEDER Andalucía
2014-2020, Junta de Andalucía).

*CHAIRS:* Cristina Barés Gómez, Matthieu Fontaine, and Francisco Salguero
Lamillar (Universidad de Sevilla)


Virginia María Durán Muñoz-Cruzado (Hospital Virgen del Rocío, Sevilla)

Teresa López Soto (Universidad de Sevilla)

Ramón López Cózar Delgado (Universidad de Granada)

Ángel Nepomuceno (Universidad de Sevilla)

Daniele Chiffi (University of Milan)

Claudia Fernández Fernández (Universidad de Málaga)

María Mercedes López Pérez (Universidad de Murcia)

Antonio Yuste Ginel (Universidad de Málaga)
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