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VvL Logic at Large: "Infinite Games, Frivolities of the Gods", Virtual

31 May 2022

The Dutch Association for Logic and Philosophy of the Exact Sciences (VvL) 
is happy to announce the Logic at Large Lecture 2022 aimed at a general 

It will take place on 31 May 2022 (16:00-19:00).

We are pleased to announce that Professor Joel David Hamkins (University 
of Notre Dame) will give a public lecture entitled "Infinite Games, 
Frivolities of the Gods" (see the abstract below).

The event will take place online using Zoom and will be concluded by a 
social gathering on the virtual platform Gather.Town.

Registration is free, but necessary to receive links to Zoom and 
Gather.Town. For registration and more information, please visit:



16:00-16:30 Virtual arrival and informal discussions

16:30-18:00 Public lecture by Joel D. Hamkins (Notre Dame University)
including discussion

18:00-19:00 Social Event on Gather.town

Abstract: Many familiar finite games admit natural infinitary analogues, 
which often highlight intriguing issues in infinite game theory. Shall we 
have a game of infinite chess? Or how about infinite draughts, infinite 
Hex, infinite Go, infinite Wordle, or infinite Sudoku? Let me introduce 
these games and use them to illustrate various fascinating concepts in the 
theory of infinite games.

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