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AAL Annual Conference: Australasian Association for Logic, Virtual

22-24 Jun 2022

The Australasian Association for Logic will hold its annual conference 
online via Zoom from Wednesday, June 22 to Friday, June 24, 2022. There 
will be three one-hour tutorials on different logic-related topics. The 
speakers will be Julian Gutierrez (Monash University), and two more 
experts (TBA).

We invite submission of research abstracts in any area of logic, broadly 
construed. To submit, send an anonymized short abstract (at most 2 pages)

and title to australasianassoclogic2022@gmail.com

with the subject “AAL 2022”. The soft deadline for submissions is 
Saturday, May 15. Submissions will be accepted for consideration until the 
hard deadline of Saturday, May 22. Decisions will be sent out in early 
June. We would like to encourage submissions from members of groups that 
are underrepresented in logic.

Session times will be 40 minutes. The scheduling is done according to
Brisbane/Sydney/Canberra local time (AEST, UTC+10). Find your local time

The conference website is 

To register, please email australasianassoclogic2022@gmail.com. The Zoom 
URLs for the talks, as well as the abstracts, will be sent to registered 

Please email australasianassoclogic2022@gmail.com if you have any 

Organising committee: Guillermo Badia (Queensland), Nick J.J. Smith 
(Sydney), Shawn Standefer (Taiwan), Koji Tanaka (ANU), Zach Weber (Otago).
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