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VardiFest: "On the Not So Unusual Effectiveness of Logic"

31 Jul - 1 Aug 2022
Haifa, Israel

The VardiFest titled "On the Not So Unusual Effectiveness of Logic" is a 
FLoC-22 <https://www.floc2022.org/> workshop in honor of Moshe Vardi and 
is intended to celebrate Moshe Vardi's pioneering contributions that has 
enhanced logic's centrality in Computer science.

The workshop will be organized ala Highlights conference style: i.e., 
composed of short talks and invited talks.

This is a call for short talks (expected to be ~12 minutes). The proposal 
should be at most one page PDF in Easychair class style 
<http://easychair.org/publications/for_authors> ). We will try to 
accommodate as many speakers as possible. Given the depth and breadth of 
Vardi's contributions that span across multiple fields of computer science 
and society at large, there is no definite list of topics of interest. We 
encouraged you to present a proposal for a talk that would be of interest 
to Vardi be it published or not, technical or non-technical, retrospective 
or crystal-ball gazing.

While we will give preference to in-person presentations, we will reserve 
a limited number of slots for remote presentations.

Deadline for Submission: May 15, 2022 AoE

Notification of Acceptance: May 19, 2022 AoE

Workshop Dates: July 31- Aug 1, 2022

Submission Site: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=vardifest22.

More information about workshop: https://vardifest.github.io/ 


  * Giuseppe De Giacomo <https://www.diag.uniroma1.it/degiacom/>
    (Sapienza Univ. Rome,Italy)
  * Kuldeep S. Meel <https://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~meel/> (National
    University of Singapore)
  * Kristin Yvonne Rozier <https://www.aere.iastate.edu/kyrozier/> (Iowa
    State University, Ames, Iowa)
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