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Two assistant professorships in theoretical philosophy, Utrecht (The Netherlands), Deadline: 22 Apr 2022 (today!)

Two assistant professorships (1fte) in theoretical philosophy at Utrecht 

Job description

Utrecht University offers two full-time positions at the level of 
Assistant Professor, which are both situated in the group Theoretical 
Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

We are looking for candidates with research expertise and teaching 
competence in at least one of the following areas:

philosophical or mathematical logic
philosophy and foundations of mathematics
philosophy and logic in artificial intelligence
philosophy of language
philosophy of mind
epistemology and philosophy of science

The group has a broad competence in analytic philosophy and with its 
varied areas of expertise forms a lively research environment. We highly 
value candidates that besides being strong in their own area of expertise 
are able to connect to the other fields that are represented in the group.

The Assistant Professors’ teaching time will be spent primarily in the 
Bachelor's programmes "Filosofie" and "Kunstmatige Intelligentie" (AI) and 
in the Master's programmes “Philosophy" and "Artificial Intelligence". In 
some cases, the Assistant Professors would also teach in the 
interdisciplinary BA programme “Philosophy, Politics, and Economics”.

As part of their teaching responsibilities, the Assistant Professors will 
likely be involved in the supervision of theses and internships and the 
tutoring of students. The Assistant Professors will have some 
administrative or committee responsibilities.

In a first round, online interviews will be scheduled for the week of May 
9th. Employment will become effective in September 2022, although a 
different starting date is negotiable.

The application deadline is 22 April 2022.

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