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Postdoctoral position in linguistic interpretation as abduction, Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Deadline: 8 May 2022

The Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) at the University 
of Amsterdam (UvA) has a 2-year postdoc position in Semantics: Linguistic 
Interpretation as Abduction.

The position is part of the NWO Open Competition project 'A Sentence 
Uttered Makes a World Appear---Natural Language Interpretation as 
Abductive Model Generation'. The successful applicant will join the group 
of Reinhard Muskens. The aim of the project is to explore how semantic 
values are assigned to natural language expressions in a compositional way 
and how the resulting values, represented as logical expressions, are 
enriched by means of abductive reasoning. The latter is studied in a 
tableaux setting.

Further details about the project can be found at the UvA vacancies


The deadline for applying is 8 May 2022 (use the "Apply now" link at
the site linked to above).

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