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NaLoMa 2022: Natural Logic meets Machine Learning III, Galway (Ireland) and Virtual

8-18 Aug 2022

CALL FOR PAPERS - Natural Logic Meets Machine Leaning III (NALOMA22)

After the successful completion of NALOMA’20 and NALOMA’21, NALOMA'22 
seeks to continue the series and attract exciting contributions. 
Particularly, this year NALOMA expands its focus to the whole field of 
Natural Language Understanding (NLU) . The workshop aims to bridge the gap 
between ML/DL and symbolic/logic-based approaches to NLU and lay a focus 
on hybrid approaches. NALOMA'22 will take place August 8-18, 2022, during 
ESSLLI 2022 organized at the National University of Ireland Galway (a 
hybrid format is planned).

This workshop invites submissions on any (theoretical or computational) 
aspect of hybrid methods in any subfield of NLU, including but not limited 
to NLI, QA, Sentiment Analysis, Dialog, Machine Translation, 
Summarization, etc. The topics include but are not limited to:

 	• hybrid NLU systems that integrate logic-based/symbolic methods with neural networks
 	• explainable NLU models
 	• opening the black-box of deep learning in NLU
 	• downstream hybrid NLU applications
 	• probabilistic semantics for NLU
 	• comparison and contrast between symbolic and deep learning work on NLU
 	• creation, evaluation, and criticism of NLU datasets and how hybrid methods can be used for data cleaning and augmentation
 	• comparison and contrast between human-level and machine-level work in NLU
 	• theoretical notions and necessary refinements of the NLU tasks to address inherent human disagreements

We invite two types of submission:
 	• Archival (long or short) papers should report on complete, original and unpublished research. Accepted papers will be published in the workshop proceedings and appear in the ACL anthology. The workshop is endorsed by SIGSEM.
 	• Extended abstracts may report on work in progress or work that was recently published/accepted at a different venue. Extended abstracts will not be included in the workshop proceedings. Thus, the unpublished work will retain the status and can be submitted to another venue. This webpage will link to the accepted extended abstracts.

Both accepted papers and extended abstracts are expected to be presented 
at the workshop. Extended abstracts will be presented as talks or posters 
at the discretion of the program committee.

Authors must submit anonymized extended abstracts or papers by April 15. 
Both extended abstracts and papers must be formatted according to the ACL 
style-files or the ACL Overleaf template.  All submissions must adhere to 
the ACL Guidelines. The extended abstracts should not contain an abstract 
section and may consist of up to 2 pages of content, plus unlimited 
references. Short and long papers may consist of up to 4 and 8 pages of 
content, respectively, plus unlimited references. Camera-ready versions of 
papers will be given one additional page of content so that reviewers’ 
comments can be taken into account.

Both extended abstracts and follow-up papers should be submitted via 
SoftConf (link coming soon) .

More info to be found on the workshop’s webpage: 

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