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Bilateralism & Proof-Theoretic Semantics, Bochum (Germany) or Virtual

17-18 March 2022

Call for registration: Bilateralism and Proof-Theoretic Semantics, Ruhr University Bochum, March
17-18, 2022  

The topic of bilateralism - situated in the area of proof-theoretic 
semantics - has received considerable attention in the area of 
philosophical logic within the past years. According to proof-theoretic 
semantics the meaning of the logical connectives is determined by the 
rules of inference governing their use in proofs. In this context 
bilateralism demands an equal consideration of dual concepts like truth 
and falsity, assertion and denial, or proof and refutation in that they 
should both be taken as primitive concepts, i.e. not reducible to each 
other. This conference aims at sharing and discussing the latest research 
in this area by bringing together both highly distinguished as well as 
early career researchers.  

Invited Speakers:  

Nils Kürbis (University of Lódz & Ruhr University Bochum)  

Greg Restall (University of St. Andrews)  

David Ripley (Monash University)  

Luca Tranchini (University of Tübingen)  

Peter Verdée (UCLouvain)  

Heinrich Wansing (Ruhr University Bochum)    

Organization and contact:  

Sara Ayhan (Ruhr University Bochum)  

For any questions or inquiries please send a mail to: sara.ayhan@rub.de  

The conference is currently planned to be held as a hybrid event. 
Registration is free but mandatory. Please use the following links to 
register for on-site or online participation:  

On-site (closing: February 28, 

Online (closing March 15, 

For more information please see: 

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