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E. W. Beth Outstanding Dissertation Prize 2022, Deadline: 15 Apr 2022

First Call for Nominations: E. W. Beth Outstanding Dissertation Prize 2022

Since 1998, the Association for Logic, Language, and Information (FoLLI) 
has been awarding the annual E.W. Beth Dissertation Prize to outstanding 
Ph.D. dissertations in Logic, Language, and Information 
(http://www.folli.info/?page_id=74), with financial support of the E.W. 
Beth Foundation 

Nominations are now invited for outstanding dissertations in these areas 
resulting in a Ph.D. degree awarded in 2021.

The deadline for nominations is the 15th of April 2022.


  - A Ph.D. dissertation on a related topic is eligible for the Beth
  Dissertation Prize 2022, if the degree was awarded between January 1st
  and December 31st, 2021.

  - There are no restrictions on the nationality, ethnicity, age, gender or
  employment status of the author of the nominated dissertation, nor on the
  university, academic department or scientific institution formally
  conferring the Ph.D. degree, nor on the language in which the
  dissertation has originally been written.

  - In accordance with the aim of the Beth Foundation to continue and
  extend the work of the Dutch logician Evert Willem Beth, nominations are
  invited of outstanding dissertations on topics in the broad remit of
  ESSLLI, in logic, language, information and computation.
  Interdisciplinary dissertations with results impacting various of these
  research areas in their investigations are especially solicited.

  - If a nominated dissertation has originally been written in a language
  other than English, its file should still contain the required 10 page
  English abstract, see below. If the committee decides that a nominated
  dissertation in a language other than English requires translation to
  English for proper evaluation, the committee can transfer its nomination
  to the competition in 2023. The English translation must in such cases be
  submitted before the deadline of the call for nominations in 2023. The
  committee may recommend the Beth Foundation to consider supporting such
  nominated dissertations for English translation, upon request by the
  author of the dissertation.

The prize consists of:

  - a certificate

  - a donation of 3000 euros, provided by the E.W. Beth Foundation, divided
  among the winners, should there be more than one winner

  - an invitation to submit the dissertation, possibly after revision, for
  publication in FoLLI Publications on Logic, Language and Information

Only digital submissions are accepted, without exception. Hard copy 
submissions are not allowed. The following documents are to be submitted 
in a single nomination file in zip format:

  - The original dissertation in pdf format (ps/doc/rtf etc. not

  - A ten-page English abstract of the dissertation, presenting the main
  results of each chapter.

  - A letter of nomination from the dissertation supervisor, which
  concisely describes the scope and significance of the dissertation,
  stating when the degree was officially awarded and the members of the
  Ph.D. committee. Nominations should contain the address, phone and email
  details of the nominator.

  - Two additional letters of support, including at least one from a
  referee not affiliated with the academic institution that awarded the
  Ph.D. degree, nor otherwise related to the nominee (e.g. former teachers,
  supervisors, co-authors, publishers or relatives) or the dissertation.

  - Self-nominations are not possible.

All pdf documents must be submitted electronically, as one zip file, via 
EasyChair by following the link 
https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=bodp2022. In case of any problems 
or questions please contact the chair of the committee Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh 

The prize will be awarded by the chair of the FoLLI board at a ceremony 
during the 33rd ESSLLI summer school, in Galway, August 8-19, 2021.

Beth dissertation prize committee 2022:

Maria Aloni (University of Amsterdam)

Cleo Condoravdi(Stanford University)

Robin Cooper (University of Gothenburg)

Guy Emerson (University of Cambridge)

Katrin Erk (University of Texas at Austin)

Christoph Haase (University of Oxford)

Reinhard Muskens (University of Amsterdam)

Francesca Poggiolesi (CNRS, IHPST, University of Paris 1)

Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh (University College London, chair)

Ana Sokolova (University of Salzburg)

Mark Steedman (University of Edinburgh)

Carla Umbach (University of Koeln)

Jouko Vaananen (University of Helsinki and University of Amsterdam)

FoLLI is committed to diversity and inclusion and we welcome dissertations 
from all under-represented groups.

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