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GF@25: Guarded Fragments, Virtual

5-6 Apr 2022

*Guarded Fragments: Current Trends and Applications (GF@25)*

April 5-6, 2022, Fully Online

Webpage: https://events.illc.uva.nl/GF25/

The Guarded Fragment (GF) of was introduced in 1996 by Hajnal Andréka,
Johan van Benthem and István Németi, as a decidable fragment of first-order
logic that aims to explain the attractive algorithmic and model theoretic
behavior of modal logic. It subsequently gave rise to a larger family of
decidable guarded fragments of first-order logic and second-order logic.
These guarded fragments are, up to today, still actively studied and used
in various application domains across different areas of computer science
and artificial intelligence (e.g., data management, knowledge

This workshop is a celebration of the 25th anniversary of GF. It will show
case recent results, bringing together different strands of research, and
offering an opportunity for reflection.

The workshop is fully online, with a program consisting of 7 invited
lectures, spread out across two days.
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