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Highlights of Logic, Games, & Automata

28 Jun - 1 Jul 2022
Paris, France


HIGHLIGHTS 2022 will happen from June 28th to July 1st, 2022, in Paris, 
France. The conference will be hosted by Université de Paris, and happen 
on the site of Grands Moulins (https://osm.org/go/0BOfBjhw5--?m=).

HIGHLIGHTS 2022 is the tenth conference on Highlights of Logic, Games and 
Automata. It aims at integrating the community working in these fields. 
Papers from these areas are dispersed across many conferences, which makes 
them difficult to follow. A visit to the Highlights conference should 
offer a wide picture of the latest research in the field and a chance to 
meet everybody in the community, not just those who happen to publish in 
one particular proceedings volume.

We encourage you to attend and present your best work, be it already 
published or not, at the Highlights conference.

Conference page: https://highlights-conference.org/2022/


Highlights is an informal event which will take place on-site (barring 
unforeseen circumstances), and the preferred form of participation is to 
give your talk in-person. Highlights is mostly intended for a local 
community of participants who can attend with a limited carbon footprint 
(e.g., no plane travel). Before coming from further away, please review 
how your trip and international flights are contributing to climate 
change. If you do come, we encourage you to make the most of your stay in 
Paris, e.g., by also attending the ICALP'22 conference and/or using this 
opportunity for a research visit (see the Highlights website for details).

If you cannot attend, you can watch the talks remotely via a video stream, 
interact via text-based questions and answers, and you can also submit a 
proposal for a pre-recorded talk. If it is accepted, you will provide a 
video of your talk, which will be hosted online with other conference 
videos and be advertised on-site. The selection process will not 
discriminate between pre-recorded talks and in-person talks.

Submission: Mars 18
Notification: April 1st
Registration: TBA
Conference: June 28-July 1st, 2022.

Representative areas include, but are not restricted to:
• algorithmic model theory
• automata theory
• databases
• game for logic and verification
• logic
• verification

Dexter Kozen (USA)
Marta Kwiatkowska (UK)
Markus Lohrey (Germany)
Tatiana Starikovskaya (France)

S. Akshay (India)
Dana Fisman (Israel)

Submissions should take the form of a short abstract describing the content of the presentation and its interest. It should serve as a proposal for a presentation. Hence, submissions should have a single author — the speaker. They can concern any recently published, to be published, or ongoing work of the speaker. We expect you to present your favourite result of the year, so there should be at most one submission per speaker. The abstract should list co-authors, if any. Optionally, an extended abstract of up to two pages may be attached as a PDF file.

Submissions will not lead to publications. There are no formal proceedings and we encourage submission of work presented elsewhere.

Submission page: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=highlights2022

C. Aiswarya (India)
Udi Boker (Israel)
Véronique Bruyère (Begium)
Dmitry Chistikov (UK)
Claire David (France)
Dietrich Kuske (Germany)
Karoliina Lehtinen (France)
Sebastian Maneth (Germany)
Kai Salomaa (Canada)
Alexandra Silva (US)
Michal Skrzypczack (Poland)
Sophie Tison (chair)
Szymon Torunczyk (Poland)
Thomas Zeume (Germany)

Antoine Amarilli
Daniela Petrisan

León Bohn (webmaster)
Antonio Casares (publicity chair)
Thomas Colcombet (chair)
Nathanaël Fijalkow
Slawek Lasota
Nicole Schweikardt
Luc Segoufin
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