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Postdoctoral position in smart contract security analysis using formal methods, Warsaw (Poland)

Position: Post-doc/senior researcher in smart contract security
analysis using formal methods.

Institution: Cryptography and Blockchain Lab, University of Warsaw, Poland

We are looking for a post-doc/senior researcher in an Advanced Grant
“PROCONTRA” funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and led by
Stefan Dziembowski. The task of the successful candidate will be to
substantially contribute to our efforts of formally verifying
cryptographic protocols that interact with smart contracts deployed on
blockchains. Examples of such protocols include “state channels,”
“Plasma,” or “rollups” (see, e.g., the publications of Stefan
Dziembowski for more on such protocols).

We are currently focusing on applying proof assistants and automated
provers (such as Coq, Easycrypt, Why3) to achieve this goal. We aim to
formalize cryptography using the Universal Composability framework.
Still, a successful candidate will be given substantial academic
freedom and can work on various research problems related to the
project’s central theme. We require good background on formal
verification, documented by publications. Knowledge of cryptography is
a plus but is not required.

We offer an internationally competitive salary, a substantial budget
for travel and equipment, and membership in a young and vibrant team
with several international contacts. The funding is available until
the end of 2025, and the position can last until then (this is subject
to negotiations).

For more information, please get in touch with the project leader,
Stefan Dziembowski, by sending an email to s.dziembowski@uw.edu.pl.

Prof. Stefan Dziembowski
Institute of Informatics
Banacha 2
02-097 Warsaw, Poland
phone: +48 609 015 404
website: www.crypto.edu.pl/Dziembowski
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