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IPMU 2022 special session on "Mathematical Fuzzy Logics"

11-15 Jul 2022
Milan, Italy

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the IPMU’22 Special Session 

Mathematical Fuzzy Logics: modalities, quantifiers and uncertainty

and to invite you to submit a contribution.

The 19th International Conference on Information Processing and Management 
of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems IPMU 2022 will take place 
in Milan, July 11-15th, 2022. For more information and submission details, 
please visit the following 
website: https://ipmu2022.disco.unimib.it/submission/


The study of logical, algebraic, proof theoretic tools for the management 
of modes of truth, quantifiers and uncertainty is a well-established line 
of research, whose development has significantly influenced many areas of 
pure and applied research. This special session aims at collecting papers 
connected to modal expansions, first and higher-order and uncertainty 
theories based on the formal setting of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic.

In many real-world situations, we need to evaluate the degree of 
uncertainty, or to estimate the feasibility, of a sentence (or a class of 
sentences) that cannot be exactly regarded as completely true or false, 
without a sensible lack of precision. Many-valued logics, fuzzy logics, 
and their algebraic semantics offer the formal tools to deal with graded 
truth and imprecise events. Modalities, quantifiers and theories of 
uncertainty that are built over those logico-algebraic structures that 
model many- valued events are adequate tools to model those situations in 
which a quantitative evaluation of the combination of uncertainty and 
imprecision is needed.

This special session will focus on (but will not be limited to) the 
following topics:

(1) Modal fuzzy logic;
(2) First order fuzzy logics;
(3) Generalized quantifiers:
(4) States and internal states on algebras of fuzzy logics;
(5) Generalized uncertainty measures on fuzzy events;
(6) Philosophical foundations of uncertainty and fuzziness.


- Submission of full papers: Friday, 14 January 2022
- Notification of acceptance: Tuesday, 1 March 2022
- Camera ready submission: Friday, 15 April 2022

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tommaso Flaminio, Lluis Godo, Sara Ugolini and Amanda Vidal
Special session organisers
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