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"Female Logicians: Their Impact on Modern Logic", Virtual, 14 Jan 2022 [WLD 2022 Event]

Female Logicians: Their Impact on Modern Logic (UNESCO World Logic Day 
Hagen 2022)

UNESCO World Logic Day Hagen 2022
Female Logicians: Their Impact on Modern Logic
January 14th, 2022

The event will be held virtually and is locally organized by: Claudia 
Anger, PD Dr. Jens Lemanski, Dr. Andrea Reichenberger (FernUniversität in 
Hagen, Germany), in cooperation with the Society for the History of 
Science, Medicine and Technology (GWMT) and FILEH: “Innovative Teaching in 

The workshop aims to focus on and critically discuss female logicians such 
as Christine Ladd-Franklin, Alice Ambrose, Margaret Masterman, Ruth Barcan 
Marcus, and Val Plumwood. They have played an extraordinary role in the 
history and philosophy of logic, advocating at the same time for gender 
equality in order to make logic more open, diverse and effective. 
Parallels will be drawn with well-known figures of logic (e.g. Peirce, 
Frege, Russell and Wittgenstein) and a critical look will be taken at the 
historiography of logic, which still resonates today. Speakers: Jasmin 
Özel, Claudia Anger, John David Loner, Siobhan Chapman, Frederique 
Janssen-Lauret, Elena Ficara. The event will end with a roundtable 
discussion. Invited guests: Francine F. Abeles (Kean University, NJ, USA), 
Carolin Antos-Kuby (University of Konstanz, Germany), Ursula Martin 
(University of Edinburgh and Wadham College Oxford, UK)

Website: <https://e.feu.de/wld22>

Everyone is welcome. Please contact Claudia Anger 
claudia.anger@fernuni-hagen.de for registration by January 13th, 2022.

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