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Southern Summer Logic Day, Virtual, 14 Jan 2022 [WLD 2022 Event]

The Australasian Association for Logic is hosting a *Southern Summer Logic 
Day *(January 14), to celebrate UNESCO World Logic Day.

The event will take place on Zoom (contact Guillermo Badia at 
g.badia@uq.edu.au for the Zoom link).

Timetable (Australian Eastern Daylight Time):

Max Cresswell (Victoria University Wellington) (Keynote): 10AM - 11:10AM 
Why Did W.V.O. Quine Hate Ruth Barcan Marcus?

Gillian Russell (Australian Catholic University): 11:25AM - 12:30PM 
Barriers to Entailment

Lunch break

Lavinia Picollo (National University of Singapore): 1:30PM - 2:30PM On 
Arithmetical Pluralism

Isabella McAllister (University of Auckland): 2:45 PM- 3:45PM Logic 
Governed Worlds and their Applications

John N. Crossley (Monash University): 4PM - 5 PM What is Mathematical 

Event organisers: Guillermo Badia (University of Queensland, Australia), 
Nick J J Smith (University of Sydney, Australia), Shawn Standefer 
(National Taiwan University, Taiwan), Zach Weber (University of Otago, New 
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