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Wittgenstein & the formal sciences, Virtual, 11 Jan 2022 [WLD 2022 event]

Wittgenstein and the formal sciences
Tuesday - January 11, 2022

A Zoom meeting to celebrate the World Logic Day 2022 (which is actually a few 
days later)


= Call for registration:
We are organizing a one-day online workshop to commemorate the World Logic Day.

Registration is free of charge and everybody is welcome to attend. To receive 
the zoom link, please see here for further Information the homepage. Or go 
directly to the google form: 

== Speaker:
1.	Sorin Bangu (University of Bergen)
2.	Ryan Dawson
3.	Ryan Michaël Miller (Université de Genève)
4.	Gisele Secco (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria)
5.	Roy Wagner (ETH Zurich)
6.	A last speaker will be announced soon.

== World Logic Day
This event is part of the celebration of world logic day. If you would like to 
contribute an event as well, please see 
http://wld.cipsh.international/organise_event.html for further information.

== Topic:
Ludwig Wittgenstein, despite being one of the most influential philosophers of 
the 20th Century, is often perceived as confusing and misunderstood. 
Furthermore, in spite of Wittgenstein?s belief that his most important work was 
his philosophy of mathematics, his work on it is generally more unknown than 
the rest. Given the potential of his work in areas like the philosophy of 
mathematical practice, ethnomathematics, and even the development of AI, this 
workshop aims at discussing it and raising its visibility.

== Contact:
Web: https://sites.google.com/view/wldzurich2022/startseite
Mail: jose.perez (at) gess.ethz.ch   / or deniz.sarikaya (at) uni-hamburg.de

== Organizers:
Jose Antonio Perez Escobar (ESN Paris) & Deniz Sarikaya (Univ. of Hamburg)
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