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Vienna Logic Day Lecture, Virtual, 14 Jan 2022 [WLD 2022 Event]

Vienna Logic Day Lecture:


The Vienna Logic Day Lecture is a free online event to celebrate and 

enhance the importance of logic in our society.

About this event

The ancient Greeks invented logic, as a tool to discover eternal truths. 

They also invented paradoxes, as a tool to sharpen the mind. In his Vienna 

World Logic Day Lecture Moshe Vardi not only addresses Greek paradoxes but 

also talks about the adverse consequences of technology in our modern day 


On 14 January 2021, we celebrate World Logic Day. In the city of Kurt 

Gödel, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and the Vienna Circle, mathematical logic 

its application to the sciences have a long and rich tradition. This 

January we celebrate

Annual Vienna World Logic Day Lecture with Moshe Y. Vardi

Speaker: Moshe Y. Vardi (Rice University, Texas)

Title: From Greek Paradoxes to Political Paradoxes

Date: 14 January 2022
8am PST | 11am EST | 1pm GMT-3 | 5pm CET
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