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European Congress Analytic Philosophy 2002 (fwd)

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ECAP 4 - Lund University, Sweden, 14-18 June, 2002

Fourth European Congress for Analytic Philosophy, ECAP 4, Lund
University, Sweden, 14-18 June, 2002.

Plenary speakers:
Manuel Garcia Carpintero, University of Barcelona
Susan Haack, University of Miami
Timothy Williamson, University of Oxford

Sections and chairpersons:
1. History of Philosophy, Jaakko Hintikka
2. Logic and Philosophy of Language, Pascal Engel
3. Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, Nancy Cartwright
4. Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind, Martine Nida-R?melin
5. Practical Philosophy, Philippe Mongin

Invited speakers:
Nancy Cartwright, London School of Economics (section 3)
Sten Ebbesen, University of Copenhagen (section 1)
Pascal Engel, University of Paris IV- Sorbonne (section 2)
Philippa Foot, University of California, Los Angeles and University of
Oxford (section 5)
Jaakko Hintikka, Boston University (section 1)
Diego Marconi, University of Eastern Piedmont (section 2)
Philippe Mongin,Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique & ?cole
Polytechnique, Paris (section 5)
Martine Nida-R?melin, University of Fribourg (section 4)
Peter Simons, University of Leeds (section 4)
Wolfgang Spohn, University of Konstanz (section 3)

Submission of abstracts:
Authors are invited to submit abstracts of papers that they wish to
present at the congress.
Each presentation will be given 40 minutes, including time for
Abstracts should be printed on one page with single line-space, 12
points font size and must not exceed 2500 characters (including spaces).

The abstract page should include the name of the author, the title of
the paper and the name of the section in which the author wishes to
present it. It is desirable that the abstract provides an outline of the
arguments given in the paper, and not just the theses argued for.
The abstract should be sent in duplicate to ECAP 4 (address below), by
fax (number below) or electronically in PDF-format as an attachment to
Authors will be notified by the end of February 2002 about the programme
committee?s decision regarding their presentations.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1 December, 2001.

Congress participants are welcome to attend two special workshops that
are being planned in connection with the congress: one on Philosophy of
Law, organized by Aleksander Peczenik (Aleksander.Peczenik@jur.lu.se),
and the other on Economics and Philosophy, organized by John Broome
(John.Broome@philosophy.oxford.ac.uk) and Marc Fleurbaey

Registration should be made by 1 April, 2002.
Please use the registration form that is posted on

ECAP-congresses are organized every three years by the European Society
for Analytic Philosophy, ESAP. The Society organizes these congresses to
further contacts and collaboration amongst European analytic

Programme Committee of ECAP 4:
Wlodek Rabinowicz (Chair), Joao Branquinho, Josep Corbi, George Meggle,
Nenad Miscevic, Kevin Mulligan, Elisabeth Pacherie, Carlo Penco, Howard
Robinson, and Stelios Virvidakis.

For updates on the congress, suggestions for accommodation and further
information please visit the web page:
All inquiries, registrations and abstract submissions should be sent to:

ECAP 4, Department of Philosophy, Lund University, Kungshuset, SE-222 22
Lund, Sweden.
Fax: +46-46-222 44 24.
Email: ECAP4@fil.lu.se