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Jean E. Rubin Obituary

Jean E. Rubin, Professor of Mathematics at Purdue, West Lafayette, died
October 25, 2002 in Lafayette Indiana. After earning her Ph.D. from
Stanford in 1955, she taught at Oregon and Michigan State before going to
Purdue in 1967. She was the author of more than 40 research papers and
five books on set theory. Much of her research centered on questions
related to the axiom of choice.  Most well-known are her books
"Equivalents of the Axiom of Choice" (with her husband Herman Rubin) and
"Consequences of the Axiom of Choice" (with Paul Howard).

In addition to her research, her colleagues remember her untiring service
to the Math Department, especially her work to obtain scholarships for
talented undergraduate math majors. (With that in mind, a Jean E. Rubin
Memorial Scholarship Fund has been set up; checks made out to "Purdue
Foundation" with a note that it is for this fund can be sent to the Head,
Department of Mathematics to honor her memory.) Surviving with her
husband, Herman Rubin, Professor of Statistics at Purdue, are a son,
Arthur L. Rubin of Brea, California, and a daughter, Leonore A. Findsen of
Orlando, Florida.