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"Methodological Problems of the Social Sciences, Tilburg (The Netherlands), May 7, 2007


One-day workshop
Methodological Problems of the Social Sciences
Center for Logic and Philosophy of Science
Tilburg University, The Netherlands
May 7, 2007


The workshop aims to bring together philosophers of science and leading
researchers in the social sciences to discuss current methodological
problems in these sciences. The focus of the workshop is on the interplay
between, on the one hand, the use of probability theory in modeling human
agents and, on the other, the use of statistical models in dealing with data
about human agents.

The speakers are Max Albert (Saarbrücken, Economics), Mark Colyvan (Sydney,
Philosophy), Branden Fitelson (Berkeley, Philosophy), Herbert Hoijtink
(Utrecht, Psychology), Michiel van Lambalgen (Amsterdam, Logic and Cognitive
Science), Han van der Maas (Amsterdam, Psychology), Stef Tijs (Tilburg,
Economics), and Jon Williamson (Kent, Philosophy).

The workshop is organized by Jan-Willem Romeijn (Groningen) and Stephan
Hartmann (Tilburg).

There is no registration fee. However, participants have to register by 15
April 2007 by sending an email to MPSS2007 (at) gmail.com.