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Trends in Logic IV: Towards Mathematical Philosophy, September 2006, Torun (Poland)

Studia Logica International Conference
Trends in Logic IV
Towards Mathematical Philosophy
Torun, Poland, September 1-4, 2006


The deadline for submitting contribution to Trends in Logic IV is approaching.
I invite all scholars to participate in Trends in Logic IV and to contribute
papers to the conference.

The deadline for submitting contributions is May 15, 2006. Please send an
abstract not exceeding 2 pages (in format of Latex or MS Word)
to Heinrich.Wansing@tu-dresden.de not later than May 15th, 2006.

We invite the contributions concerning applications of mathematical methods
to philosophical problems. Especially, but not exclusively, we invite
contributions on:
-  the theory of consequence operations,
-  logical systems within artificial intelligence,
-  many-valued logics, fuzzy logic and its applications to computer science,
-  logical structure of natural languages, categorial grammar and
   substructural logics,
-  theories of truth,
-  modal logics,
-  paraconsistent logics,
-  logical systems of quantum mechanics,
-  formal epistemology applying logical, probabilistic, game-theoretic, and
   other mathematical methods to epistemology,
-  logical systems of cognitive science, especially those utilizing methods and
   systems of belief revision, non-monotonic logic, dynamic epistemic logic,
-  contemporary broadly understood deontic logic utilizing formal methods
   of mathematics.

The authors will be notified about the acceptance within 4 weeks after

The conference webpage is available at the following address
(Studia Logica's webpage contains a link at
The page includes all the information concerning the conference, in particular
complete information how to submit a paper, how to register and many others.

I sincerely invite all scholars to participate in Trends in Logic IV.

Jacek Malinowski
Studia Logica