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University of Chicago: 1 year research postdoctoral fellowship for German philosophy (philosophical logic explicitly mentioned)

Mellon Post-Doc/Philosophy & Germanic Studies

  UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, Chicago, IL.  The University of Chicago
  Departments of Philosophy and Germanic Studies are now accepting
  applications for a one-year post-doctoral fellowship for the academic
  year 2006-2007. We are interested in applicants whose interests fall
  somewhere within the range of German philosophical and/or literary
  thought from the early 1750s (and the pre-critical Kant) to the early
  1950s (and the publication of Wittgenstein's Philosophical
  Investigations). Applicants in Philosophy whose expertise is largely
  confined to a single historical period (e.g., German Idealism), area
  (e.g., philosophy of logic), or figure (e.g., Wittgenstein) are welcome;
  applicants in Literature or Germanic Studies whose expertise is focused
  on a single historical period (e.g., German Romanticism), topic (e.g.,
  literary hermeneutics), or figure (e.g., Goethe) are also welcome. The
  primary responsibility of the post-doctoral fellow will be to
  participate in a year-long interdisciplinary research seminar on German
  philosophy and related developments in the history of German literature.  
  Applications (including writing samples) are due by January 2, 2006, to:
  Professor James Conant, re: Sawyer Seminar Post-Doc, Department of
  Philosophy, University of Chicago, 1115 E. 58th St., Chicago, IL 60637.