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Postdoctoral positions in linguistics / theoretical philosophy, Konstanz (Germany), Deadline: 20 Sep 2020

Two Post-Doctoral Positions in Linguistics and in Theoretical Philosophy 
at the University of Konstanz, Germany (f/m/d; full-time, scale E 13 TV-L, 
Reference 2020/151)

The start date is October 1st, 2020 or by agreement. Two positions are 
available for one year each. In principle, each position can be divided 
into two part-time positions.

Deadline for applications: 20 September 2020

The Research Initiative "Universal preferences for natural concepts" 
investigates how, out of the logical space of possible concepts, human 
cognition selects some concepts as ?natural? and dismisses others are 
?unnatural?. We approach this question from three different disciplines: 
Philosophy, where a long discussion on natural kinds and on abstraction 
has spawned interest in natural concepts; Linguistics, where important 
semantic universals and their spectrum of variation have been studied in 
language typology and in language acquisition; and Artificial 
Intelligence, where neural networks and deep learning algorithms offer a 
point of comparison between concepts in human vs. artificial agents. For 
further details, see 

Your responsibilities
? Conducting original research on concepts in the context of the project
? Publishing research results
? Presenting project results at workshops and conferences
? Assistance for visitors at the project
? Organization of workshops
Focus of the Linguistics Position:
? Semantic universals and their implications for Philosophy and Artificial
Intelligence (AI)
Focus of the Philosophy Position:
? Metaphysics of concepts and their role in linguistics and in AI

Your Competencies
? A completed university degree in a relevant field (philosophy or linguistics)
? A strong PhD in a relevant field (the PhD must be completed to start the
? Publishing experience will be of advantage
? Strong communication skills
? Fluency in English
? An interest in interdisciplinary research

We Offer
? An open, motivated research group connecting Linguistics and Theoretical
Philosophy with interdisciplinary interests and with a good international
? Opportunities for further collaboration with groups in philosophy and in
? The possibility to expand your research CV
? The possibility to teach (optional)
? A great environment

Please see the University of Konstanz job portal for more details and for a link
to the online application form.
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